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Services: Connecting People + Place + Trees



Focus on issues and opportunities:


Trees provide numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits to those living in the urban environment. These benefits increase as the age and size of the trees increase. However, as trees get older and larger, they are also more likely to shed branches or develop decay or other conditions that can make them prone to failure. In assessing and managing forests, we strive to strike a balance between the risks that trees pose and the benefits that individuals and communities derive from the trees, plants, soil, air, water, and wildlife that make up our community forests.



Full range of arboricultural services:


  • Inventories and analysis

  • Management planning

  • Stormwater mitigation recommendations

  • Tree protection and preservation

  • Tree care specifications

  • Risk assessment

  • Species selection

  • Planting specifications

  • Appraisal

  • Pest and disease identification

  • Landscape plan and EIR review

  • Arboricultural dispute resolution

  • Compliance inspections

  • Policy and municipal code writing

  • Training, education, and research

  • Expert witness




Work together to determine the assignment.

Your trees, my solutions, our strategy. Community forestry is founded on partnerships and collaboration. I can: assess tree health and condition, and balance your resources with your assets; determine levels of risk, and propose possibilities for mitigation; visit sites,

and recommend species, locations, and techniques for planting and maintenance; review construction plans, and specify preservation and protection measures. I will give you the information you need to make good decisions about your trees, and together we will protect and enhance our urban forest and communities.

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